Live Auction! Complete Liquidation of Golds Gym Sat. Dec 5th at 10am Preview at 9am 951 S. Latson Howell, MI 48843

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High-end Gym Equipment Auction – Everything Sells Absolute

Saturday, December 5th at 10am
Preview & Registration at 9am

Golds Gym | 951 S. Latson Rd | Howell, MI 48843

Removal- Day of Auction Until 5pm & Sunday, December 6th from 9am-5pm ONLY

Any Checks Over the amount of $ 1,000 requires a bank Letter with Proof of Funds.

The A Bench (2), Cybex Ab Decline Bench, Cybex Standing Ab, Weighed Padded Bars, Magnum Fitness, Systems Cable Pull Down, Life Fitness Bench, Cybex Ab Crunch Machine, Cybex Seated Back Extension, Cybex Torso Rotation, Cybex Back Extension (2), Elite Ab Coaster, Hip Adduction (2), Dumbell Rack with Dumbells, Bench, Cybex Glute Machine, Plate Rack with Plates 2.5lb-45lb, Cybex FT 360, Hammer Strength Ab Crunch, Multi-Hip Machine, Cybex Seated Leg Press, Cybex Leg Extension, Cybex Seated Leg Curl, Cybex Prone Leg Curl, Cybex Rotary Calf, Magnum Calf Exercise Machine, Lief Fitness Pull Over Machine, Magnum BiAngular Shoulder Press, Cybex Lateral Raise Machine, Magnum Pec/Rear Delt, Magnum Peck Deck, Cybex Dual Axis Incline Press, Cybex Dual Axis, Chest Press, Magnum BiAngular Chest Press, Weighed Ropes, Prawler Rush, Boxes (Box Jumps) 3 Heights, Medicine Ball Rack with Balls, Kettle Ball Rack with Kettle Balls, Cybex Modular Arm Curl, Magnum Pectoral Rear Delt, Cybex Arm Curl, Cybex Dual Axis Pulldown, Magnum, Magnu, BiAngular Back Pulldown, Magnum BiAngular Lat Row, Hammer Strength ISO ROW, Cybex Arm Extension, Palte Rack with Plates, Flite Curl Machine, 5 Bar Stools, Silver Key Refrigeration Unit, True Refrigeration Cooler, Wire Display Rack, Cybex Dumbell Rack with 5lb-50lb, Adjustable Bench, Cybex Adjustable Incline Bench, Cybex Flat Barbell Bench, Cybex Decline Barbell Bench, Cybex, Plate Loaded Squat Press, Icarian Power Exercise Machine, Cybex Plate Loaded Squat Press, Icarian Machine, Barbell Cybex Squat Rack, Magnum Assisted Bench I Squat Rack Fixed Bar, Cybex Military Bench, Cybex Decline Barbell Bench, Cybex Flat Bench, Icarian Standing Curl, Adjustable Bench Cybex, Cybex Seated Curl, Cybex Barbell Platform with Barbell, Cybex Plate Rack with Plates, 4- Way Neck Machine Cybex, Magnum Raw Bar, Hammer Strenth ISO High Low, Cybex Barbell Rack 25-115lb, Cybex Barbell Rack 20-110lb, Dumbell Rack with Dumbells 2.5lb-70lb, Dumbell Rack with, Dumbells 30-100lb, Dumbell Rack & Dumbells 55-125lb, Hammer Seated with Standing Shrug, Hammer ISO Shoulder Press, Hammer ISO Incline Press, Hammer Motion Technology Wide Chest Machine, Cybex Military Press Rack and Barbell, Magnum Calf Machine, Flite Knee Extension 560, Flite Glute Flexion, Cybex Plate Loaded Kneeling Leg Curl, Cybex Smith Press Fixed Bar, Star-Trac Max Rack, Cybex Plate Rack with Plates, Cybex Plate Rack with Weights, Bistro Table with 2 Chairs, Rack with Exercise Balls, Tranz X Stationary Summit Spin Bike , Weighed Padded Bars, Hampton Bay, Commercial Fan, Step Benches, Banquet Chairs, Spin Bike Parts, Cybex Lift Bar Pull-UP, Precor , Cybex International Stable Flex TReadmill, Cybex 800 Stepper Parts, Stairmaster Parts, Cybex 800 Step Machine, Hampton Bay Commercial Fan, Cybex 800 Stepper, Cybex Arc Trainer, Star-Trac Treadmill, Precor Elliptical, Precor EFX 546 Elliptical, Precor EFX 546 Elliptical for Parts, Star Trac Treadmill, Cybex 700 Model Bike, Ab Coaster Elite, 8 Sony TVs with Mounts, Fisher Price, Childs Castle, Tykes Kitchen Set, Wooden Shelf Bench, Sesame Street Bench, Wooden Shelf Bench, Kids Wooden Table with Chairs, Plastic Picnic Table, Baby Bouncer, Health O Meter Scale, 84 Lockers and 3 Benches, Metal Clothes Rack, Dry Sauna, Solaris Plus 42 Speed System Tanning Bed, 4 Lockers, 85 Lockers and Benches, Sauna Mens Locker Room, Health O Meter Scale & MUCH MORE!!!

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